POT-A-SOUP CATERING ENTERPRISE has been creating and serving tasty, delicious home-made meals comprising of local delicacies for eight years, though formally registered in 2012

ETE-Location; Surulere

I have found POT-A-SOUP to be one of the best food services out there, for once I get to order a pot of soup that’s made to fit my taste and preference…not mass produced, it’s the right amount of oil, of pepper for me just how I like it.I eat as many times as I want because it’s a pot and its affordable.

ADETOLA-Location; Oniru

My first try was the native jollof rice, it soon became my regular, delicious and tasty, different from the everyday jollof rice. Followed by the seafood okro…it came out exactly how I would have made it myself and that sealed them with me. I am never really worried about good food when I can’t make them myself as I know someone who can POT-A-SOUP!

MOTUNRAYO-Location; Agungi

I like that when I call again, they already know how I like it. It has become a seamless order process and I still get the delicious taste I got the first time that got me hooked….i am still hooked. I enjoy my assorted meat from them.

ALABI-Location; Chevy View

I found them online and never regretted my first call to them since then. I enjoyed the bitterleaf soup and goatmeat stew so much I can’t stop ordering as I am trying more soups from different tribes. Excellent and friendly service

STELLA-Location; Lekki Phase 1
I am very particular about what I eat, where I eat and I will not just eat anything. Bad food cannot be masqueraded! it is either you know or you don’t know and POT-A-SOUP has consistently shown me that they indeed know about making good and very delicious food. They remain one of the very few food service outfits that have been able to meet my meticulous food taste. They know just how I like my pepper and proteins inside my food…. i have literally tried all the soups/stews on their menu and I think I have found my favorite until I taste the next one. I am also very impressed with the staff. Clearly a family business and they strive to run it quite efficiently and their professionalism is commendable .I will have no hesitation to recommend them to fellow GOOD food lovers!

WUNMI. - Location; Yaba
Pot-A-Soup has been there for me 2 years and counting, they get it right with my taste and preference and they are consistent. They are like my kitchen away from home, whether efo riro, or ila asepo or ogbono, they get it right. Thank you for great services thus far

CHUKKY-Location; Chevron drive.
As a bachelor, I have been eating right and eating well since I was introduced to POT-A-SOUP. Great taste, excellent service delivery. It’s indeed a bespoke service. My favourite being the Kpanla fish stew.