A native soup particularly attributed to Delta People. It is a delicious soup made out of palm kennel and spiced up. One of its major health benefits is that it contains a plenteous amount of carotenoids or Beta-carotene, this is converted to Vitamin A in the body and this nutrient is needed for development of reproductive systems & bones amongst many other functions. The palm oil nuts also contain Vitamin E in high amounts, Vitamin K, Magnesium and it is Cholesterol Free! The powerful anti-oxidants it contains help in protection against CANCER, it also gives your skin a fresher .

look and it protects against heart diseases as it helps lower cholesterol level. Also other ingredients used in preparing this soup contains its own nutritional benefits….together, you got a healthy pot-of-soup of Banga at your doorstep. .


This Delicious soup popular with the Yoruba people is very rich in vitamins A, C, E and K and also in irons because it is made with more vegetables. It is one of the most popular Yoruba soups that have found its way into the menu list of other Nigerian tribes.


This vegetable soup, which always looks deliciously green and healthy, has more than enough health benefits. Research says it contains protein, rich in carbohydrates (diet fiber and sugar),and it is also rich in vitamins, irons and minerals. It is also considered to be medicinal, eaten in some cases as a laxative as it can assist in relieving constipation.

. It is used in the treatment of enlarged spleen, sore throats and cathartic. This is a common delicacy of people from Efik in Akwa ibom and Cross River state. It is that healthy! Go ahead and order a pot of sumptuous Afang Soup from Pot-A-Soup! .


This soup is rich in content, from the ingredients to the fresh leafy vegetables to the meat and fish it’s made with. All of these made this soup to be referred to as “soup for the wealthy”.

The fresh vegetables contains enough vitamins that the body needs, the protein in the meat, dryfish, stock fish also contributes to why this soup is one of the most nutritious Nigerian soup.


Okro soup helps in weight management, a 100g of Okro contains 30 calories and also has lots of dietary fibers that gives you a feeling of fullness. It is high in vitamins such as C & K, it helps controls the rate at which sugar is absorbed. It is very good for pregnant women as it contains folic acid which is needed for the formation of neutral tube of the fetus. It is a good laxative and aids bowel movement.

Also, it is great for skin and hair. It promotes Colon health & prevents colon cancer, boosts digestion, relives cough, improves eyesight, cures and prevents constipation and helps prevent diabetes as it helps in normalizing blood sugar in the body. It also helps in prevents Kidney disease


There are many things to say about this particular soup. Regarded generally as a Nigerian soup, it is very tasty. Do you know that Ogbono seed helps with weight loss? Oh yes it does.

It aids weight loss by increasing the levels of leptin in the body, leptin is a hormone that reduces the appetite and it reduces the amount of blood sugar converted to fat. It also lowers cholesterol and improves or control diabetes. Best prepared with olive oil if you are interested in its weight loss properties.


This is a soup popular with the eastern part of Nigeria, sometimes called “White Soup” because of its absence of palm oil. It’s also basically is a Fresh fish Soup, it is rich in content and mostly taken by pregnant women as it is very medicinal, effective in preventing nausea.


This soup is similar to Afang, the difference being that thickener is added to okazi soup, unlike Afang is rich in protein, rich in carbohydrates (diet fiber and sugar),and it is also rich in vitamins, irons and mineral.


The egusi seed, which is the major component of this soup, contains nearly 50% healthy fats and 30% protein. It is a great dietary supplement that can be a staple in a vegetarian diet.

It is rich in protein, fat and vitamins A, B1, B2, C and alpha-tocopherol, a component of vitamin E which helps to maintain young-looking skin and good fertility. 78% its fat composition is unsaturated fatty acid, which is cholesterol free and protective of the heart.