We offer a variety of local Nigerian delicacies on our menu list. All hygienically prepared and well packaged. POT-A-SOUP has two arms.


POT-A-SOUP’S BESPOKE COOKING was established to meet the food needs of the average working class adult in Lagos who barely has the time to cook at home due to a busy lifestyle created by work stress and the constant traffic congestion that the typical Lagosian faces to and from work. They are left with little or no time to go to the market after work and prepare their desired home-made meals, in the end they settle for junk food or eat-outs which have become increasingly expensive.
There is also an increasing health consciousness in the middle class group due to health complications arising from irregular eating habits; too much of junk food, lack of dietary concerns, eating mass-prepared foods. These factors and its adverse effects have created the need for people to become conscious about their health particularly regarding the food they eat and conscious of how the food is been prepared and with what ingredients as it relates to their health needs.
We at POT-A-SOUP are devoted to giving personal attention to every detail of our customer’s requirement, no matter how small. We offer impeccable bespoke cooking; Tailored to Your taste and preference, hygienically prepared, properly sealed and delivered conveniently to your doorstep and all done We also target several other groups of people for reasons such as;

  • Inability to cook or don’t enjoy the art of cooking
  • Elderly and physically disabled people
  • Health dangers due to cooking e.g. for asthmatic patients who cannot stand where palm oil is being bleached wit heat
  • Inter-cultural marriages ; where the wives can’t cook soups/food of where their spouses are from
  • People sometimes just want a taste different from what they cook or what they’re used to.
  • Inability to cook or don’t enjoy the art of cooking

    We cater to social events such as weddings, birthdays, AGMs and more and we also provide OFFICE LUNCH delivery. We believe even at work, you should eat well, eat right and eat healthy. Our menu list consists of delicacies from different tribes in Nigeria. We handle the food preparation, setup and clean up, like our slogan says


    You can be sure we put your health first as meals are prepared in an hygienic environment We make all our dishes from scratch, so you can trust us to use only the freshest ingredients. Whenever it’s possible, we use organic foods in our menu items. We do not use food dyes or preservatives.

    POT-A-SOUP takes to heart our ability to keep to the appropriate time set up by clients.

    POT-A-SOUP can work with your budget to give you the very best